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Doing cocaine with my white friends

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Doing cocaine with my white friends

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Note to the reader: This section begins with a letter from a friend who is concerned about abusing cocaine and is looking for help.

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Use this as a short-cut to find out what works and what doesn't. Because they will definitely want to talk.

I recommend that you attend some Al-Anon meetings. How many more times can you use before you get hooked? Just Them. I have a lot of friends at college who take cocaine regularly, most of whom I'm not really that close to, because they stick to each other and won't let a non-user in. So I urge you to read a book called "Co-Dependent No More," or one frkends the many other books wigh on the subject of codependence. How helpful is this web to you?

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Educate yourself first--it's a matter of self defense! Please don't try to be a "terminally unique" friend. They will deny that their cocaine use is hurting others.

They love having A Secret. So if those owl-like, jabbering monomaniacs want to believe that I am shocked and appalled by their ability to ingest nasally, then I am very happy for them to do so.

'i'm the only one of my friends who doesn't do coke, and that's ok'

When they drop out of college they think they are using cocaine to handle their family's disappointment. The only thing more tiresome than a jabbering, orb-eyed coke bore drilling into your skull on a social occasion, is being stuck next to the sort of person who can get that twitchy and self-conscious all of her own accord. It would be great to save your whjte from the future pain of addiction, but most of all, I want to save yourself.

Black people who witn these events, men in particular, often find themselves being reduced to stereotypes.

Note to the reader: This section begins with a letter from a friend who is concerned about abusing cocaine and is looking doinf help. I know, can you imagine?

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Recommend that they contact a "drug intervention specialist" to advise them and to assess her and to arrange for her to go to treatment, if appropriate. In writing my response, I am trying to assist the individual and, at the same time, provide information for a more general audience seeking information about addiction. She is the addict. Learn when you should help and when you shouldn't.

Although originally formed around alcoholism, drinking and drug use have now become so closely related that few have a problem with just one substance--and giving up one substance usually means that qith will begin to use more of the other until it becomes a serious problem in their lives. At university, as I shouted ill-formed arguments about sexual equality and my exciting new plan to start a magazine, new friends simply assumed I was already taking cocaine.

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Many of the addicts I have known are intelligent, caring, charming, likeable people when they are straight and sober. Of course the family probably won't believe how serious it is.

Dear Lysa: Thanks for your letter. But listen to the true stories of other family members and friends and find out what they experienced and learned. And they will think to themselves, "Just once won't hurt. Which, I realise, does not paint me in a particularly good light.

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Please be wise enough to listen. They may even stop for a day to prove that they can quit.

How long before your friend encourages you to use again? I frjends this isn't what you wanted to hear. Cocaine is known for its ability to ificantly alter heart function in both experienced and inexperienced users. First addicts tell themselves that it is harmless and they can quit any time they want.

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They die still believing they can handle it--they're different. Liked this? Researchers have found that compared to the general population, those with recent cocaine use, have death rates between 13 and 58 times wity.