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Eden mens club edmonton

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Eden mens club edmonton

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Chez Pierre Cabaret. All photos by Carl Mapes unless otherwise specified "This is it. This is Barton's old room.

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Jesse plead guilty to the charges and was fined. As well as hosting and bottle service you can also book from one of several party packages or opt for a VIP experience.

Chez Pierre Cabaret. Image via Facebook. Initially, the club featured girls dancing in pasties, and then turned to topless go-go dancing, before finally embracing nudity—it would later become the first place in Edmonton to feature bottomless dancing. At one point they even threatened to nail the door shut.

Eden exotic ent.

And patrons could get "extras. Subscribe to the VICE newsletter. The first thing he did was follow in his uncle's footsteps and treat the girls and customers as well as he could. The talk that ensued was one of the best I've had in a while. He had suffered from Scheuermann's Disease, a debilitating back condition, and used prescription pills to ease the pain.

Demonton the website for details of all weekly events and special offers. He even fought Sugar Ray Robinson. Jesse cheered up once we left the area and he excitedly started telling me about the group rooms located off to the side.

Have you used Eden Exotic Ent. Ken: Horrid place. They actively worked against the club and prayed for the patrons and Pierre's salvation.

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As a result, the club had a tense relationship with the police. At the typical Edmonton strip club you'll find, without fail, big burly bouncers overlooking young men sucking back tequila and throwing loonies at the dancers' genitals to try and win a poster—which is weird. It was a Stella Artois, a Belgian lager, his favourite beer. Jesse Cochard.

Sylvia Linings She goes by the name Sylvia Linings and she tells me that the furnace had gone out right before work started. This is the place where Jesse's uncle OD'd six years ago. Jesse's grandfather Pierre Cochard, the club's namesake, opened mehs doors in the early s. He enrolled in the nearby MacEwan University and got his diploma in business management—the whole time living the dream of paying for school with strip club money.

A babyfaced year-old—we were both ID'd at a bar nearby where we did the interview—Jesse is the youngest strip club owner in Edmonton, and one of the youngest in the clu. The first note I made was that the room was damn cold—I felt for the dancers walking around with next to nothing on.

Strip clubs of edmonton

The next line in my notes was "maybe it's for nipple aficionados? The conversation eventually rolled its way over to the club, and I asked her if she had been to Chez Pierre before Jesse ran it. Jesse started bussing at the club out of boredom while hanging around there with Pierre or his Uncle Barton. We reviewed the top six strip clubs in Edmonton for the best in erotic dancing.

The era Sylvia and I were discussing was the only one in Chez Pierre history where a Cochard wasn't in charge.

The bar started focusing on respect for both the patrons and the strippers. Barton OD'd in his room a floor above the club on Nov. He had one goal in mind: that goddamn liquor licence that was always out of Chez Pierre's reach. Image via Google Earth.

Former edmonton cheerleader sues strip club for $m for using photo without permission

It was a place without a liquor licence, but one where well into the s you could still order "special pops" and get a liquored-up Pepsi. Walking through edrn very same door last Saturday night, I didn't find the dark seedy bar that was so vividly described to me.

Pierre ran the bar until the late '90s, surviving controversy, bustsand a fire that gutted the basement and original club. Check the website for the latest offers as well as their party packages. Map for Eden Exotic Ent. Jesse gleefully told me a story about when he and his little brother Colton, who also works in the club, were kids and his grandfather rolled up to his family's house in a Ferrari.

Image via website. Its new location just so happened to be across the street from Edmonton's First Presbyterian Church, a pairing that the church didn't get a kick out of. There were also rumoured to be situations where, if you said the right words to the right stripper, one would meet you in your car afterward for a little more.

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There is also a VIP area for those who prefer to get more intimate with their strippers. He turned his eye on the floor above the main club.

That's why we have been around rden 45 years. The two worked numerous jobs, including operating Edmonton's first pseudo food truck, before Pierre went back to Europe for a brief time.