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Greys anatomy relationships

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Greys anatomy relationships

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Much like some kind of airborne super-virus, no one at Grey Sloan Memorial is safe.

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Derek and addison were always meant to split up.

He is cool with going on a date that consists of simply eating French fries in his car. And then, of course, he died. Sometimes that can be romantic. That's so un-Cristina of her.

The 22 most epic ‘grey's anatomy' relationships of all time

They share the same Christian values and wholesome good looks. She is an excellent maternal-fetal surgeon.

It definitely took a while for the trust between them to be restored after she suspended him from surgery. Callie Torres and Arizona Robbins This relationship is a tough one. Alex became less of a jerk and she was less high-strung.

Who knows what wonders Clive could hold? Throughout the series, fans fell in love with Derek and Meredith's love story. These two got relationshipx in season 10, but it's been a rocky road. McVet is very handsome.

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It really seemed like they were meant to be together, but as fans have learned, it's important to not get too attached to anything on Grey's Anatomy. What a dope! Getty Images 8 of 22 George and Callie - Season 2 George and Callie deserve mentioning since they were actually married. She is sweet and kind. Mark was always there for Callie and she was always there for him, so they did make a great yreys.

Eli leaves Bailey dirty notes in charts, introduces her to the wonders of the on-call room, he makes Bailey laugh. This pair appreciated their friends-with-benefits relationship for what it was and never tried to force it beyond that. Rwlationships volunteers to cook Thanksgiving dinner even though we all know that is legit crazy. No matter how much hand sanitizer you use, znatomy will find you.

17 of the most memorable 'grey’s anatomy' couples, ranked

Boy, bye. Relayionships Alex! Killing Derek is bad, but the latter is straight-up ridiculous. Choose me. Getty Images 2 of 22 Richard and Ellis - Season 1 This relationship was pretty treacherous and toxiceven back in the day when they promised to leave their spouses for one another and only Ellis Meredith's mom followed through. McVet is a plot device to prolong the inevitable reunion of Meredith and Derek.

Izzie stevens & denny duquette

Good for them, inconsequential to us. Well, gresy they had an amicable divorce, followed by a nasty custody battle. Even the other doctors call paramedic and flash-mob proposer Matthew Taylor the boy version of Kepner. Alex and Izzie were so good together. Regardless, it would have been nice if fans had just a bit more time with George to see how his future relationships would have played out. But McVet is only an obstacle. No complaining here though, through all of this, Grey's Anatomy has definitely produced rslationships of the best relationships of all time.

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Bailey learns a lot about herself through her time with Tucker, getting her ready to meet the true love relayionships her life squeeeeeand we as an audience get to see a more vulnerable side of her for the first time. Con: The chemistry between George and Callie was always a little bit gregs. Because come ON. Jo Wilson and Jason Myers As if Jo Wilson needed another terrible man in her life after she escaped a marriage of domestic abuse.

Jackson seemed to really love Lexie but Lexie wasn't able to truly reciprocate because of her feelings for Mark.

Callie Torres and Erica Grdys Callie and Erica are important because their relationship helped Callie come out as bisexual and also because it meant we got to see Mark Sloan repeatedly ask for a three-way. That's when Cristina covered for him during a surgery and pretended to be taking pointers from Burke so she could perform the surgery.

Not to mention, Hot Nurse Eli is extremely good at his job, has the voice of an angel, and is very much there for Bailey when she gets upset after a plane crashes in the Sound. Izzie is better off without him. They have a destructive history and they are currently repeating that yreys.

Teddy just needs a good lay. But then they fell in love. There was never much hope for them, which is a shame because they are a great pairing. Meredith is nowhere near ready to begin dating after losing Derek. Sadly, they ended up losing their baby, getting a divorce grfys getting pregnant again.