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Guys wearing panties

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Guys wearing panties

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The panty is so light, but fulfills the needs of my anatomy.

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I even purchase matching pairs for me and wife. Very comfortable.

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The colors are very pretty and love wearing the panties everyday. Also they provide wonderful coverage both front and back, and the lace detail makes me feel so feminine! Full briefs tend to roll down which is not comfortable. Wonderful fit, nice feminine lace trim. They are so very light and comfortable, so I can wear them everyday now. However, I can whole-heartedly encourage all men who wear panties to give the above-mentioned panties a try.

Men in panties: a basic guide to panties

When the were discontinued and no longer available, I finally settled for Vanity Fair's Ravissant and Lace Nouveau panties which I still like very much. The mesh panel in the back is beautiful huys very sexy. They are now my underwear of choice and my friend ordered 7 pair for me. My wife thought they looked nice and ordered a pair for herself.

After five years, my husband finally revealed his fetish

Need more colors though. Panty Materials Now that we have the basic cuts covered, let's look at fabric. The only negative is the very high rise.

Great panty,great price. Classy as you please, or trashy as you like, lace is versatile and ever so delicious. Perfect for the male anatomy.

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How to Wear Panties as a Man Now that you've decided to wear panties, it's really time to learn about them. I do like the silky soft fabric of the Style Ravissant briefs as well. I love the way they feel. Chances pantles that he'll never want to go back to cotton boxers and those grotesquely ugly "tighty-whities. Can't go wrong with Vanity Fair.

The fabric is very nice. Plenty of room, soft and comfortable. The newly reintroduced Shadowline is a great-fitting panty for men and is plain and undecorated enough to wear to the gym or the doctors.

How to wear panties as a man

The gentle elastic at the legs prevents fallout keeps me in the panties. Way better than boxers. I am still wearing a few of the old "Underscore" panties I've had for 15 plus years. Thank you. The best I've found to sleep in and for just lounging around with just a tee-shirt.

Panty materials

Bikini Cut Bikini cut is a popular, simple, but sexy cut. I barely know I am wearing them.

I strongly recommend these to those who are looking for lacy brief type panties. Dont get me wrong love all VF panties great wash and wear great.

Soft, stylish and sexy. There are many benifits.

Be cautious of "bounce", and showthrough, but otherwise a wonderful underwear for a man. For a full cut brief I like the somewhat shorter rise. They are very comfortable to wear and pretty to look at.

Best panties for men

Order a pair you will be happy you did. If you are interested, you can also read all about panties made for men.

While these are not the traditional nylon panties that I came to love about Vanity Fair, they are very comfortable and feels like you aren't wearing any panties. I also love the pantise choices. I do wish they would make them in red, tho. Especially now that men's nylon underwear has become virtually extinct, I can heartily recommend Shadowline to men who miss their old nylon skivvies of yesteryear.