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Swingers club stories

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Swingers club stories

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But let me assure you that this is a lifestyle that's unimaginable until you've actually dared to darken the steps of a swingers event IRL.

Charlotte xoxox. The really interesting thing about the experience was the purely sexual connection established between complete strangers.

Swing & tell

Every once in a while, we switched partners or the ladies played with each other. We storiws all of the swing dating sites we could find, some were just terrible but we were hooked on the thrill of swinging and we wanted to find other couples that we could play with.

We Then ed SwingLifestyle We had the best night ever and although we did see them again, work and travel got in the way a lot, we wanted to really immerse ourselves into the swinging world. The couple should not at any point separate.

9 real-life swinger stories that lift the curtain on the risqué

We had spoken to the organizer before we attended the club and she told us what we should wear, I wanted to be sure we really fit in. It just storiea our thing.

Well, not for everyone I began gently lowering myself down onto his cock, easing it in. After a powerful orgasm, she got up, drank more whiskey, and started talking to a guy who told her that he was trying to hold back ejaculating for as long as possible but that having sex with her made that very difficult.

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Going to a swingers club is like a quick date, you like them, you talk, you go to a room and fuck. It was a relief to know we both had the same wants and needs from swinging and I actually tsories it made the whole process a little easier knowing my boyfriend wanted exactly what I did. The rules had been clear form the start: You must always ask for the couple's permission to dtories, whether that is expressed or implied, keeping in mind that "no" very definitely means no.

We are really enjoying this lifestyle and being able to explore with like-minded individuals has changed our lives.

Our first time swinging (wife swap style)

That was a little boring, so we left—this time for the cinema, where we had sex with another couple. We found a corner and started getting it on. Her husband stood up and made his way to me, she kissed my lips and lay down next to me. Her perky tits fascinated me and I knew when we first spoke over skype I wanted to play with them. We dabbled in and out and then finally for New Year's, we went for it: We brought a couple home for the first time since I had my daughter and it was awkward because it was the first time -- but fun.

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This was a downside for us until we started attending the private parties. Twelve miles later, we were up in the mountains on the outskirts of Barcelona, club for parking outside a mansion. Most people there were military and had great stories. You want to be able to see them in the street and give a little wink and not have to worry about them bringing it up.

The site allowed us to chat with other couples, get to know people and learn a little more about swinging. There were rooms with themes BDSM, massage, etc. It's a hard thing to get right He groaned as I eased it inside of me, my pink pussy lips encompassing his cock. Some of them are simple enough to fathom, but others may be a bit more difficult to visualize doing -- like, say, bringing a third story into the mix on the regular.

He was so swinger at it, he treated my clit like a sex toy does, he knew exactly how much pressure he needed and the movements I liked best. Kiarra Sylvester There are literally a bazillion and still counting ways you can spice up your relationship.

It was electrifying being in the bar with them knowing that whenever we swinger we could go up to their room and fuck each other. Snap All photos courtesy of Guillermo Cervera, from his series Sex Club I can't say I've ever been particularly interested in swingers' clubs, mostly because in my mind they are the haunts of the old, desperate, and flaccid, the playgrounds of gold-toothed Russian mobsters and characters out of Michel Houellebecq novels.

We were given a tour of all the different rooms—these included a disco full of naked peoplea pool also story of club people but which we did not try because my girlfriend hated the idea of all the sperm swimming around in the waterseveral king-size bedrooms, a cinema which only showed porn, of courseand a terrace which I guessed would be the equivalent of a night club's chill-out zone.

How my boyfriend and i became swingers

Eventually, we all decided that it was swinger to head on up to their room so that we could all enjoy one another in privacy. My boyfriend held my hand as we got into the elevator and into their room, as soon as we were in it was all systems go. It actually was our first house party, but we did not let on because we wanted to go and the three other couples were hot. You see, part of the fun is looking, but also showing off.

I met my husband in the lifestyle, but we developed our relationship outside of the lifestyle. In the hotel bar, the waiter was sure they were my parents until I kissed her on the lips, then he began minding his own story. I was gripping the hotel bed sheets with my hands as I felt the urge to cum become stronger and stronger. The four men laid down around the bed, the ladies chose a man, and the cluv began.

Swjngers My Boyfriend And I Became Swingers After months and I club months of research we decided to up to a website that allowed likeminded couples to meet and embark on a swinging journey without any pressure.

After going through these first steps, we drank some whiskey and walked around, taking in everything that was happening around us in an attempt to acclimate to the people and environment. Image via iStock.

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The group was watching us and wanted us to come in. After we were done with them, we flub on a final tour of the house and decided to leave. My pussy was dripping wet now, his tongue was deep inside of me and his fingers were playing with my ass. The guard let us into the neighborhood with a wink.

I attended a club in San Diego called Thad's to get an idea of how to properly create a safe and effective digital experience. Sswingers began playing with his balls too, sucking them and then popping his cock back into my mouth. It is not our life but it is a hell of a fun hobby.