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Used underwear sale

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Used underwear sale

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up free Used Panties for Sale - With a Community While there are plenty of people out there looking for dirty panties for sale, finding a safe place to sell them used to be a challenge. Many of the websites out there are either defunct from poor management and de or are completely illegitimate scams. Scented Pansy is a community built on safety, privacy, and celebration of sexual expression.

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How to sell used panties

There are thousands of customers looking for dirty panties on craigslist and hence you should use this platform for finding more customers as well. Now that is sharing the love!

Pantybay offers free panties to all models along with a bag ysed ship the panty to the customer. We have a dedicated to helping newcomers learn the ropes to sell panties.

Selling used panties online is harder than you think

Selling used panties on your own website I have already advised you to create a website for yourself as soon as possible. Or use the debit card offered by our partner, Bitsafe.

If you need to change your username orplease update on your When shipping worn panties or underwer item, NEVER use your home address as a return address! Simply use the buyer's address again. See more about Coins and Payouts. If you ever receive any harassment, bullying, or abusive treatment from any member on the site, please report the incident immediately.

There is no sensation greater than getting to be a part of an intimate experience with someone who craves a feminine scent and taste in their day to day life. They have around 1, members although not all of them are active sellers and get up to 5, potential buyers visiting their per day. Few panty sales, then, are truly anonymous. Customers sometimes ask invasive questions about sexually transmitted infection status, which are typically reserved only for usec partners, and, in that sense, begin to treat panty sellers as though they were sexual partners.

Everything you need to get started selling dirty panties online

When choosing usfd username, do not use your real name. Panties are being sold for their symbolic value. Also enclose the worn panties in a vaccum plastic bag. We suggest creating a separate specifically for to sell used panties, using your preferred nickname. Selling panties on manyvids is a great way to supplement your sued. From selling custom clips, to products to snapchat membership to other adult products. Coins are a unique feature that allow you to interact even more with your fellow panty kinksters.

A classier, trustworthy, and more secure platform for the used panty fetish community.

Choose a unique username to ensure you get the feedback you deserve and so that your clients can easily find you for future purchases. Here, you could also explain if you cater to any special requests, or if you have some specific products you offer. Always confirm payment is received from your buyer before going forward with underwea order.

See our video on tips for shipping used panties. Many of the websites out there are either defunct from poor management and de or are completely illegitimate scams. up free Used Panties for Sale - With a Community While there are plenty of people out there uunderwear for dirty panties for sale, finding a safe place to sell them used to be a challenge. Use this address with your chosen payment method.

As new customers you can keep abreast of changes to the top sellers so that you can alter your own stock accordingly. Here we encourage cooperation rather than competition.

You don't have to show your face; that is your choice. Alex customizers her panty packages with nude stickers, wrapping paper, thank-you cards or photos from photo shoots. When shipping, it is best to request a tracking to provide to the buyer.

Rose found this process off-putting. Mail was stopped for a long period of time, and when he finally got them a few months later, the client said they were a moldy, disgusting mess. Additionally, posting images and using the wall post underwesr is another way to reach out and show your personality. Since you want to preserve the natural scent, seal them in ziplock bag make sure to remove as much air as possible before sealing.

If you are thinking of insuring the box then you will have to mention the content and for that you can just mention "Used clothing". From choosing a private username and address to deciding what method of payment is most appropriate for your business - we have mapped out all the possiblities and offer salr on what has worked best for our most active members. Clip producer and cam model Princess Berpl told us that she started selling panties after talking to regular clients about their desires.

Used Panties for Sale on Craigslist Yes craigslist is another promotion channel you can use to market your worn panties for sale.

Sell used panties and make $/day ()

Attract thousands of potential buyers We already have tens of thousands of buyers ed up with more ing each and everyday. Buying and selling used panties has never been easier. Eale please familiarize yourself with the SP ordering process before setting up your shop. With some negotiating, she slipped away to the bathroom and returned with the pantyhose now in her purse.


Be free to express your pantyhose sex fetish or stocking tease however you wish. The Work Despite widespread media representations suggesting that sex work, in general, and selling panties, in particular, is a source of easy money, the reality is that this work only seems easy because most of it is invisible.

No more fruitless searches for: sell my milf thong - and not knowing where to start. Be kind and respectful to other sellers and to buyers of course.

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Now the rules have changed. She refuses to entertain these questions. Rather than looking around websites looking for buyers with a passion for dirty underwear or being careful with wording and photographs, Sake Pansy where you can express yourself freely and give the buyers what they really want without restrictions.

Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement Panty Trust is one of the sites where people can buy and sell used underwear, as well as other fetish items such as socks or tights. We recommend not sending the used panty sweaty or wet; this will result in a very strong ammonia odor, which is undesirable unless specifically requested. This ensures that the used panties are coming from a real person and maintains our reputation at Scented Pansy and all of our sellers.