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Webcam laval

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Webcam laval

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Have A Question? The Wfbcam Underground R-CAM XS is a sophisticated dual-view camera built into a single housing that delivers clear imaging at depths up to feet.

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Université laval

Ground water monitoring: The R-CAM gives environmental technicians an up close look at ground water wells, suitable for confirming water quality, analyzing mineral conditions, geological strata and laval. The video output from the camera duplexes with the control als and power, going down to the camera, on a single conductor armored, Kevlar reinforced, coaxial cable. Call for Laval Underground Camera Prices Applications The small size and advanced imaging capabilities of the R-CAM dual cam system make it suitable for a of different applications: New construction and pre-purchase inspections: Use the R-CAM to offer customers a chance to confirm both the quality of your work and the overall state of their piping system.

Adding the tree light accessory allows viewing up to 20 inches in diameter. Best of the all, the camera head has no moving parts, making it suitable for deployment in boreholes between 3 and webcam inches.

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We offer flexible terms by the day or month and fast shipping throughout the country. In certain situations, too much light can be a hindrance rather than an asset. One of the most necessary elements to conducting a successful downhole survey is the ability to increase and decrease the cameras lighting on demand. After-service inspection: With the R-CAMyou can confirm repairs and cleaning have been completed, assess compliance issues and track changes over time.

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The camera is operable only with the R-Cam control unit supplied with the system and is not compatible with other types of closed circuit survey systems. A single coaxial cable head connector on the rear of the camera is connected to the cable by a watertight pressure rated connector.

Total Camera Weight: 18 lbs 8. Interested in Purchasing? Now, adding voiceover commentary to your recordings is as simple as pushing a button. We have over 25 years of experience and debcam set you up with the package that's right for you. SC camera: For work in narrow-diameter wells, swap out the R-CAM 's standard camera for an SC, Laval Underground's borehole camera for use in 2" or lavsl wells and monitoring holes.

Laval r-cam portable borehole cameras

LEDs are shock proof, and long lasting, providing approximately 5, hours of use. Although the world has changed and technology has improved, this ideal is a core focus of everything we do. Diameter: 2 inches 5. If you are interested in purchasing a Laval Underground borehole camera system outright, or lqval one of our convenient lease-to-own options, contact our sales office for prices today.

Existing R-CAM customers can upgrade their existing control units to take advantage these exciting new features. The camera's LED's provide lighting for the side and down the llaval.

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Overall Length: 20 inches The Laval Underground R-CAM XS is a sophisticated dual-view camera built into a single housing that delivers clear imaging at depths up to feet. A 12 VDC rechargeable gel cell battery pack is used to power the system and video recorder, making the entire system completely portable.

Depth Counter: On-screen depth display measured in feet and tenths, or meters. Maintenance: Regular inspections with an R-CAM can determine well conditions and subsequent service needs.

Tool retrieval: Find lost tools and other valuable webcaj that have been dropped in wells and boreholes using the R-CAM Survey footage is exported natively in an. Have A Question?

lqval Contact your Laval Underground Surveys sales representatives for more details. All DVR recording and playback functions can be controlled by the included mini-Bluetooth keyboard, including adding text details of your well survey to your recording.

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With the R-CAM webcak, you have the option of surveying not just a standard down view, but a full degree left-to-right rotation as well. Our team is available from 7am to 6pm, Mondays through Friday. Single conductor electronic technology. Options The Laval Underground R-CAM comes fully equipped with everything you need to get started, including the camera, control unit, lighting system, full-color video monitor and DVD recorder, power supply and portable reel.

Rechargeable by local current please specify at time of order.