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What is the difference between love and infatuation

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What is the difference between love and infatuation

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As a betweeen, Love is described as: a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. As a noun, infatuation is described as: a foolish and usually extravagant passion or love or admiration. Symptoms of Love vs. Infatuation The foremost symptom of being infatuated by a person is wanting to be around that person. This may sometimes also be sexual desire. Other symptoms may be anxiety, panic, jealousy etc.

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Infatuation as we are defining it here is knfatuation static process characterized by an unrealistic expectation of blissful passion without positive growth and development. If not; if you want something that has more stability and a chance to grow, then love should be your goal. By Amanda Chatel April 27, When you first meet someone and you're really smitten, it can be hard to tell differenve you're in love, falling in love, or if you're merely infatuated.

Contents: infatuation vs love

Age as a factor Infatuation is generally in the context of teenage or adolescence. Infatuation craves physical affection. Infatuation is never content with one person. Love stems from self-assurance. Infatuation is rocky. You may feel intensely about that person, but you cannot imagine being with that differenec for the rest of your life. If someone really loved you, they would not care how you look because they love you too much.

In the between of love, your focus is on your special someone, and that someone exists in the real world. Love requires meeting someone for the first time and not knowing what to dofference. With love, that third dimension is reality. But those were things going on in your head. Love is more considerate.

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Most people seem to think and feel better as part of a pair. You're probably in the infatuation phase. Are you in this relationship alone? Love is generous. Love, on the other hand, does not; love weathers betweej shit and grows. Your thoughts of romance were simply an innocent fantasy: An infatuation that felt like love at the time.

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But love, in many ways, makes us real; it makes us expose the less than pretty aspects of our humanity. They picture all of these things in detail, including short-term events, such as spending time together and falling more and more in love. For those who are on a negative course, people who are unhappy, confused and perhaps self-sabotaging, regular evaluation can point out some hard truths about oneself, or about the person you want to take the next step with. Infatuation follows a timeline.

Is it affection or true love?

Infatuation is intense but short-lived. Infatuation can leave unannounced.

You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. In short, we make them out to be something they are not. You think that because they look attractive, it means their personality will be the same way. Each one can catch us off guard, throw our life kove a bit of chaos and, just whzt we're trying to wrap our brains around what's happening, it's gone.

What's the difference between love and infatuation?

Infatuation is automatically filling in the blanks for that person and hoping that things will work out the way you want. Love is forgiving and understanding in ways that infatuation is not. Love is being in love with who the person really is. Psych Central. Aside from your age, what was it about you that made you make that mistake. Are you spending and enjoying time together?

Infatuation induces impatience while Love is patient. If that is not happening, why not? Love comes with passion as well as intimacy. So what about infatuation?

While infatuation may produce feelings of closeness, because they are typically one sided real, lasting commitment by both parties isn't possible. You've fought, and found resolution. This can mean only telling our partners the good thing about our day or going to extremes to look perfect all the time like wearing too much makeup to hide blemishes or even plastic surgery.

What's the difference between love and infatuation?

Reasons people fall in love or be infatuated There may or may not be any reason to fall in love. Working toward common goals, sharing dreams and values define the begween of a good love relationship. Differences in Attributes Love can happen without conscious intention and hence pure love doesn't expect anything in return. We want the illusion that we created to stick. And yes, there are many exceptions and many ranges within the genders.

Determining the Difference The answers, and lovve courage to face the facts is the key to making the determination.

30 ways you can tell the difference between love and infatuation

The feeling of being loved and betwden someone else makes you want to embrace your life more and be a better person, not escape everything you have worked to become because of one focal point. Granted, how long it takes varies, but it still isn't instantaneous like infatuation. Infatuation has a short shelf life.